Lightning Verification and Inspection
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Lightning Verification and Inspection

Lightning Verification and Inspection

Lightning can cause havoc on electronics contained within the area of a direct strike or even close to the affected area.

Third party verification can help to assess what equipment has been affected and what has not. Lightning claims can sometimes start a ripple effect with technology if not handled properly. RescueTech provides trained technicians to travel to the loss site and properly inspect items for damage caused by lightning. We take a detailed inventory, test, assess and provide a report as to which items were affected and which were not. This alone can save money for insurers by providing a stop gap measure for a claim that may “grow” after the initial call has been made.

Many times it is assumed that lightning will cause damage through the power lines, which is certainly possible.  We have seen many lightning strikes cause a surge through the cable TV or satellite system, which often affects modems (internet connection), routers and switches, cable boxes and DVRs, computers and the TVs that are connected to these system, among other components.

Smaller items (laptops, hard drives, iPads, etc) can be shipped to our facility, for damage assessment and preform data recovery if needed.


Lightning inspection analysis includes:

  1. Inspection and photos of equipment involved in the loss
  2. A line by line detailed inventory including make, model, serial number
  3. Amount of equipment and conditions with notes and extras (such as batteries)
  4. Which items are damaged and which are not
  5. Current and accurate replacement pricing as of the report date
  6. Totals of all items to be replaced


We provide a unbiased third party verification report of lightning damage for businesses, residential clients and insurance adjusters. Need help?  Submit a claim below.


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Lightning Damage Photos Of A 60" LCD TV 

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